This is the website of the Arms, Militarism and Climate Justice working group, an informal network of researchers and activists committed to ending militarisation of the climate crisis.

We have been meeting regularly since 2021. Since 2022, our working group has been under the umbrella of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice as we seek to build stronger links between the peace and climate justice movements.

We meet every other month to share information and analysis and to collaborate on joint areas of work including events and advocacy initiatives.

Participating organisations

We are not a formal network or coalition and are open to any groups committed to our overall goal. Our current active organisations with their respective area of focus and expertise include:

Stop Wapenhandel –
Dutch campaign against the Arms Trade
(Lead Coordinator)

  • Climate and Militarism
  • Climate change and arms trade

Scientists for Global Responsibility

  • Military carbon emissions
  • Military greenwashing
  • Military spending v climate spending
  • Climatic impacts of nuclear war

Transnational Institute

  • Climate security
  • Militarisation of climate change

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (UK)

Conflict and Environment Observatory

  • Conflict and Environment
  • Military emissions

Centre Delas (Spain)

  • Militarism and environment


  • Militarism and environment in the US, Middle East, and Latin America

European Network against the Arms Trade

Global Campaign on Military Spending

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (US)

  • Militarism and climate justice

Greenpeace (Observer)

  • Climate for Peace Project

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Germany)

  • Nuclear war and environment

Institute for Policy Studies (US)

  • Climate and militarism overview, U.S. militarized spending

International Peace Bureau

  • Climate and militarism, international coalition building

Movement for the Abolition of War

Quaker Council for European Affairs (Brussels)

  • Environmental peacebuilding

Shadow Investigations

Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS)

Tipping Point North South (UK)

  • Military Spending & Emissions

Veterans for Peace (USA)

  • Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Canada)

World BEYOND War (Global)

Extinction Rebellion Peace (XR Peace)



Briefings and reports



Abby Martin confronts Nancy Pelosi over Military Emissions at COP26

Climate change, militarism and war: Reelnews documentary

COP26: Countdown to Glasgow Webinar

Movement for the Abolition of War: Extinguish War and save the Earth

Ice Sculpture Video “Global Military, Big Oil & Climate Change”

Climate change and the military: tracking their carbon emissions

No War, No Warming – COP 26 GGJ Alliance

War Helps Fuel the Climate Crisis, Democracy Now!

Is COP26 enough? Peace, Militarism and the Climate Crisis: A Missing Piece

How The Military Pollutes Our Planet and Gets Away With It

Downloadable resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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Online actions


COP26 – Governments commit to meaningful military emissions cuts
US – Urge Congress to instruct DoD to reduce military emissions

To Join

If you would like to join the network, email [AT] Please note we don’t have a secretariat or staff so the network has limited capacity and runs on the collaborative goodwill of its member organisations.

Transnational Institute also runs an informational listserv on the intersection of climate and militarism / security. To join the list, please email us using the contact form below:


To follow-up, you can either contact one of the organisations most actively working on these issues – see participating organisations or fill in this form: